Our Stories

Our Stories

Our Caregiver Members, Volunteers, and Donors Share Their Stories

Here is where we share the stories of those who selflessly support our veteran caregivers and where we give voice to these hidden heroes whose lives have forever changed.

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Things You Wish You Knew More About

Service Dogs to Veteran retreats this is where you'll find it all

We're always looking for new and innovative programs that can help our PTSD and TBI veteran families. We'll highlight new and old programs, share interviews and information for programs that you may find interesting.

We want to hear from you too! If you know of a great program helping our veterans, please let us know.

News and Updates

New and Updates

Pretty Straightforward Just What You Think It is

We scour the internet looking for news that is relevant for our veteran families. If it's important and current, you'll find it here.

We'll also keep you updated on Hearts of Patriots programming and events.

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Body, Mind and Spirit

Life throws a lot at us and too often we neglect to take care of ourselves. Here is where you can learn tips and strategies for caring for yourself and controlling the negative effect excessive stress has on your body, mind, and spirit.

We all have varying degrees of stress in our lives. The key to handling that stress is taking care of ourselves, physically and emotionally.


Hearts of Patriots believe the veteran spouse/caregiver is central not only to the health and well-being of their veteran but also is key to holding the family together. Our commitment is to provide support, education, resources, and tools that can help veteran families succeed.  Learn about our award-winning Film Documentary, Blood Stripe, A Spouse's Story.

Our Veteran Caregivers live daily with the consequences of war. Let them know they are not forgotten. your gift provides programs that support our hidden heroes and their families.